Holistic Therapies

Complex problems often require a holistic approach.

A holistic therapy approach increases the chances of success and effectively complements reproductive medical methods.

So we have all the possibilities to find together with you the optimal treatment for you.

The most important methods are briefly presented on the following pages.


In acupuncture, special needles are inserted into the tissue or skin at defined points along the meridians. In this way, organ systems and energy pathways of the body can be specifically influenced. As part of a holistic treatment, acupuncture can be used to accompany and support the treatment of fertility.

Psychological support

An unfulfilled desire to have children is often perceived as an existential life crisis, and is often equated with the psychological challenges of a serious illness. Getting professional advice in this difficult phase is therefore an extremely sensible preventive measure. Treatment of the desire to have children is a challenge, especially for women, and requires a high degree of discipline and time for diagnosis and therapy. This often leads to a higher stress level, which, coupled with fears of failure and a possible change in mood due to hormonal medication, can be perceived as very stressful. Not to be underestimated are also the waiting times after completed therapies, which can be a great test of strength.

Couples often reach their limits, as everyday life revolves solely around the desire to have children, appointments and holidays are often scheduled for times when there is no treatment, while other areas of life and friends are neglected. A first unsuccessful attempt can also lead to the fact that one refrains from further treatments, which, however, according to experience, lead to success in the end. In fact, sometimes several attempts are necessary.

Nutritional advice

A healthy lifestyle contributes significantly to increasing one's own fertility. In addition to a balanced diet and sufficient exercise, the intake of vitamin preparations can also be beneficial. For example, it is already recommended that women who wish to become pregnant take folic acid. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids are said to have positive cell-renewing effects.

In our practice a consultation hour is offered for nutritional advice. A nutritionist will support you with feedback, tips and professional information.

If you wish, a mobile app can help you achieve your goals even better. It allows you to communicate with the nutritionist between your sessions, ask everyday questions, takes pictures of your meals and automatically record activities and weight from home or on the road.

With a medical attestation, the majority of the consulting costs are normally covered by the health insurance company.

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