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Success Rates

The majority of couples can be helped! With today's procedures, about 80% of couples who wish to have children can be helped to have a child. The younger the couple is, the faster the pregnancy is achieved.

Unfortunately, the chances for fertility therapy are not 100% for the individual procedures, i.e. not every therapy cycle leads to a pregnancy.

Simple treatments, such as cycle monitoring and insemination treatments have a chance of success between 5 and 15%. This means that with 100 therapy treatments, about 10 couples become pregnant and 90 couples get a negative result. The procedure must sometimes be repeated several times to achieve success.

The situation is different for the more complex procedures of extracorporeal fertilization, such as IVF and ICSI treatments. Depending on the age group, the success rates are between 20% and 40%, i.e. on average you will see a pregnancy after one to four treatments.

This means that patience is required in your fertility treatment, but it is almost always rewarded.

There are many complementary therapies that can improve the chances of pregnancy.

Pfeil S E N D   R E Q U E S T
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